D.C.’s Healthier Schools

D.C. schools are already being honored through the HealthierUS¬† Schools Challenge…

September 2012

  • Raymond Education Campus (Ward 4)
  • Shepherd Elementary School (Ward 4)
  • Davis Elementary School (Ward 7)
  • Sharpe Health School (Ward 4)
  • Brent Elementary School (Ward 6)
  • Seaton Elementary School (Ward 2)
  • Plummer Elementary School (Ward 7)
  • Kimball Elementary School(Ward 7)
  • Davis Elementary School (Ward 7)
  • Roosevelt High School (Ward 4)
  • Turner at Green Elementary School (Ward 8)

May 2012:
18 District of Columbia schools have received HUSSC recognition since 2010, including

  • Anne Beers Elementary School (Ward 7)
  • Aiton Elementary School (Ward 7)
  • Martin Luther King Junior Elementary School (Ward 8)


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