put the act into action!

Achieving the goals of the Healthy School Act will require that all school stakeholders administrators, principals, teachers, parents, students, advocates, Councilmembers, volunteers, and others help implement and promote the Act.

You can play an important role in helping implement the Healthy Schools Act. That means getting involved at your own school, in the community, through your business or organization, or other creative ideas you can think of.

Here are some suggestions for getting involved:

1) Educate yourself about the Act.
Read the full text of the Healthy Schools Act (pdf), download information on this website, or read about the Acts history and more at Councilmember Mary Chehs website.

2) Join your schools efforts, and check on its progress.
Look at your schools School Health Profile to gauge your schools progress on implementing the Healthy Schools Act. (Click here for DCPS and here for charter schools.) And then get involved: for example, you can help your school create a wellness team, or join your schools wellness team to help identify areas where your school is implementing the Act well, and where it might need support.

3) Learn what information District schools and agencies need to share with the public.
The Healthy Schools Act requires that important information is made available to so that the public can know whether schools are complying with healthy schools requirements. For a checklist on what schools, government agencies, and the Healthy Schools and Youth Commission need to do to comply with the reporting requirements, check out the Healthy Schools Act: Reporting and Public Disclosure Requirements.

District agencies with a role in implementing the Healthy Schools Act:

4) Promote school health and wellness.
There are lots of opportunities to get involved in improving school wellness. Here are just a few examples of what you can do:

Find out if your school is a member of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Healthy Schools Program. This national program with about 80 schools participating in the District provides direct, individualized training, expertise and implementation guidance to help schools accomplish DCPS and public charter school wellness goals. For more information, contact Precious Calloway, Washington, DC Relationship Manager for the Healthy Schools Program at (202) 905-3095 or by email precious.calloway@healthiergeneration.org.

Share news on the Healthy Schools Act website about what your school is doing to promote wellness.  Contact Beverley Wheeler, Director, D.C. Hunger Solutions, at 202.986.2200 x3019 or by email bwheeler@dchunger.org for more information.